Fight Climate Change and Global Warming – Repair Your Television Set and Other Electronic Appliances

You heard it right. You can fight climate change and global warming by repairing your television set and other electronic appliances at home. You don’t have to throw them away or give those appliances to the garbage truck or stock them in your attic.

These things are not just to be discarded because they are useless. Or, say you have money, a credit card all ready to purchase a new appliance at home. You don’t need second hand appliances, or repaired ones. They just distract your viewing time.

But that’s not the point. The moment you purchase a new television set, or washing machine or dryer at home, you’re boasting the manufacture of new appliances. See, it’s not a question of disposing (although responsible disposal is one of our responsibilities); it’s a question of adding appliances or non-biodegradable things in our homes. Plus, the more businesses manufacture non-biodegradable materials, the more we emit carbon dioxide into the air. It’s a double whammy, hope you see it.

Here’s the catch, to our ‘kilometric’ title. If we repair our appliances at home, we won’t have an additional appliance to be manufactured by the appliance company, and we don’t have an additional non-biodegradable material at home. We don’t have an added burden of disposing this material.

So what do we do? You say you don’t know how to repair appliances.

Our point here is for you to learn these simple “how-tos”. There are more ways than one of shooting two birds with one shot. There’s no excuse for a willing home buddy who has a dream of becoming a true environmentalist, or a stay-at-home housewife who is more and ever creative when it comes to fixing every problem in the home.

Yes, I tell you. You can fix your television set, washing machine, dryer, and many other electronic appliances at home. These things are non-biodegradable materials that are really a problem to dispose of. Give them to the garbage boys and they just pile them up with the rest of the garbage. Pile them up, too, in your backyard and they become an eyesore, a real problem.